Islam eradicates racism
How does Islam effect human rights?

Eradicating racial bias

No superiority on the basis of race Islam does not sanction the superiority of one race over another. God has created different nations and races. His design encourages humanity to communicate with each other and […]

No compulsion in religion
How does Islam effect human rights?

Religious Pluralism in Islam

No coercion in religion Prophet Muhammad (peace be on him) established a society in Madinah which was religiously diverse. Followers of different faiths practiced their religion freely and followed their own scriptures. As can be […]

Life is sacred in the Quran
How does Islam effect human rights?

The Sanctity of Life

Life is sacred Taking a human life is considered the ultimate violation of social norms since the beginning of human history. As can be seen in the Quran, the first killing happened when Cain killed […]