Individual Accountability is God’s design

Accountability of actions

Individual accountability is God’s design for the humans in the worldly life. A thankful servant of God reminds himself of the Day of Judgement in all actions of life. As can be seen in the Quran, God created humankind with free will and with the ability to choose between right and wrong. Eventually, all will return to the Creator at the end of human life to account for their choices and actions.

In the opening chapter of the Quran, Surah Fatiha, Allah identifies Himself as ” …The Master of the Day of the Judgement..” (Quran 1:4).

In essence, the verse reminds us about our responsibilities and individual accountability to our Creator. Truly, it is our accountability that the keeps our selfish ego on the check, our arrogance humbled, our greed under control and our anger restrained. The Quran explicitly commends thoughtfulness, self reflection, remorse and mending for the harms done to others. Otherwise, God warns Humans about His condemnation.

God’s design: Individual accountability, no original sin

It is important to realize, that there is no concept of the original sin in Islam. Rather, the Quran suggests that God has forgiven Adam for his deviation, when Adam asked for forgiveness. Also, in Islam, Jesus (peace be upon him) is a great prophet of God. Another key point is that Jesus did not die for other people’s sins. Rather, God alone has the authority to forgive sins purely from His Mercy.

Individual Accountability.

Repentance promotes spiritual growth

It is important to realize that spiritual growth comes from our self-reflection, repentance for our bad deeds, and correcting our mistakes. This is true that our self realization originates from our feeling of accountability. As soon as we realize that a mistake is done, we are to repent and seek Allah’s forgiveness, which Allah with His Mercy, has promised to make available for us.

Individual Accountability. Do not despair of Mercy of Allah.

As can be seen in the Quran, God acknowledges Himself as the One who bestows infinite Mercy and Forgiveness to His servants. God’s Mercy embraces all creations. Not only that God Forgives those who do good in His love and repent their bad deeds, but He also forgives any sin of any sinner, if and as He wills. Thinking otherwise minimizes God’s ability to Forgive.

Individual Accountability. Do not despair of Mercy of Allah.

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