The Quran describes the Rainbow Mountains

the striped mountains with shades of various colors.

It looks photo shopped, but it is not!

We are familiar with mountains covered with plants or rocks, but not that familiar with the ones covered with vibrant, colorful stripes looking like rainbows. Rainbow mountains in China and Peru are geological wonders of the earth. Their fantastic colors are due to the presence of various minerals in the sandstone formation. Together with Iron Oxide, other iron compounds, and earth minerals, nature produces the magnificent colorful stripes of the rainbow mountains, nature’s paint palette. Why is the Quran’s description of the Rainbow Mountains noteworthy?

The Rainbow Mountains, Nature's Paint Palette

 The Quran- 35:27  “…Haven’t you seen that God sends rain from the sky? We then produce, thereby, fruits of various colors. And in the mountains are streaks of white and red, of various shades of colors, and dark black hue.”

The Quran informs us about the striped mountains with shades of various colors. They are present only in a few limited geographic locations of the earth, but not in Arab or nearby geographic areas. Prophet (Peace be upon him) lived his life in Arabia’s Arabian deserts that has dunes, hills of different kinds, desert shrubs, water oasis, but not rainbow mountains. The prophet (Peace be upon him) and the Arabs at his time were not familiar with these colorful rainbow mountains. To the believers, the Quranic verse describing the colorful cliffs of red, white, and different shades is a description of the beauty of God’s creation and testimony of the authenticity of a divine revelation of the Quran.

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