Why Can’t We See God?

God’s invisibility is our test

Why can’t we see God? Because God Has decreed that He will be beyond human eyes (The Quran 6:103). The fundamental of the “Iman” (Islam’s terminology for faith) is that we will believe in a Creator driven by our reasoning, yet without seeing Him.

If God was visible to us, it would not be a test

The Quran affirms that believing in God is the test of human’s reasoning. We exist in this world with a specific purpose. This purpose is to serve as God’s envoy (the Quran 2:30). As God’s envoy, our responsibilities include worshiping One God, taking care of all God’s creations and the earth. At the end of our life, we will be accountable to God for our deeds. So, our life and our performances during the life time are our tests. If God’s presence were obvious to us and He was visible to us, we would be always doing the right thing. It would not be a test. https://qpeace.net/?p=1716

We are limited by our dimensions

We understand our world through the dimensions and physical properties of the universe. Our imaginative mind only functions within the familiarity of the world we live in. Allah created all the physical laws and the dimensions of the universe. Yet, Allah is not part of the creation and His created laws do not govern Him. No human being is able to have a true visual or mental image of God. In the earthly dimensions, we experience the Divine presence through His attributes which He embedded within His creations. https://qpeace.net/?p=932

Who created God? When did He begin to exist?

Current scientific concept is that the time and space are dimensions which were formed at the time of the big bang. The theory of the big bang is consistent with the Quranic description of the beginning of the universe. Muslims believe that the time and space are Allah’s created dimensions. He created the concepts of a beginning and of an end within the time and the space. His existence is beyond these created concepts of the beginning and the end.

An atheist meets a theist

Atheists belief that the universe is formed by itself without having any need for a Creator. Islamic concept of God is an everlasting Being, who is without the need of a creator. God was never created nor was He born of anyone. He was always there and He will always be. He knows all the events of the past, the present and the future at the same instance. https://www.nytimes.com/2003/11/11/science/can-science-prove-the-existence-of-god.html

The Quran 57:3 ” He is the First and the Last, the Evident and the Hidden: and He has full knowledge of all things.”

God is Near

The Quran states that our Creator is nearer to us than our Jugular vein. Presence of His power and His signs are everywhere. Yet, He remains the Most Subtle and the Most Aware. Our created mind is unable to discern a mental image of God. Any figurative or imaginary replica of God will not be true to His being.

The Quran 42:11 “ ……There is nothing like unto Him, and He alone is all-hearing, all-seeing.”

Death is not the end

The life after death will be a different reality and in a different dimension compared to this life. The greatest reward for the believers with good deeds will be their ability to see Allah, as He will allow Himself to be visible to them (Quran 75: 22-23). The people who did not believe in God, will not be able to see Him. https://qpeace.net/?p=1716

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