The Sanctity of Life

Life is sacred

Taking a human life is considered to be a grave sin, since the beginning of human history. The first killing happened when Cain killed his brother Abel. The Quran narrates that Abel appealed to his brother by reminding him of the gravity of the sin of taking a human life. Abel warned Cain that he would be in hellfire if he commits the murder. Cain killed Abel anyway. The Quran cites the story to highlight the sanctity of life and to illustrate the grave nature of transgression committed by a murder. Consequently, to a true believer, taking one innocent life equates to taking the life of the whole humanity. Whereas, saving one human life is compared to saving the whole humanity.

Quran 5:32. “…Because of that, We decreed to the Children of Israel that if anyone kills a person, unless in retribution for murder or spreading corruption in the land, it is as if he kills all mankind, while if any saves a life it is as if he saves the lives of all mankind. Our messengers came to them with clear signs, but many of them continued to commit excesses in the land.”

Quran 6:151. “…Do not take life, which Allah has made sacred, except by way of Justice and law…”

Do not desecrate places of worship

In recent years, several churches and mosques were bombed in different countries. As a result, many worshipers died in Pakistan, Egypt, Nigeria Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Not surprisingly, Boko Haram, ISIS and others have claimed responsibility. If these extremist groups believe that by bombing places of worship they did a service to any religion, then they were dead wrong. The Quran categorically rejects these types of behavior. http:// .

Quran 22:40. “…If Allah did not repel some people by means of others, many monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, where Allah’s name is pronounced abundantly, would have been destroyed. Allah is sure to help those who help His cause. Allah is strong and mighty”

Suicide killing is prohibited

Suicide bombing has become cliche for Muslim extremists. It is important to realize that wearing suicide vest and killing innocent people will not facilitate anyone’s path to heaven. As we can see that the Quran prohibits suicide as well as innocent killings in a clear and unambiguous manner.

Quran 4:29. “And do not kill yourselves, surely God is most Merciful to you.”

The Quran 17:33 “Do not kill a soul which Allah has made sacred except by right of justice. Whoever is killed unjustly, We have given his heir authority, but let him not exceed the limits in taking life.”

Do not harm animals or plants

Islam does not only forbid killing of human beings, it also discourages harming any form of life without a valid reason. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) recommended not to slaughter animals in front of other animals. Islam does not allow uprooting trees and destroy plantation even at the time of a war.

Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be on him) traditions

The sanctity of life in the Quran.

At the present time, Muslim nations are facing a crisis situation created by different virulent groups of Muslims. To begin with, they are transgressing the basic Islamic tenets of compassion, sanctity of life and respect for the rights of others to choose their own belief. Consequently, general Muslims and Muslim organizations have expressed their distaste and dismay for these anti-Islamic and inhuman actions.

Many Muslim scholars have issued religious verdicts (Fatwa) on terrorism and suicide bombings calling these acts as unjust, evil and against Islamic principles. Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri issued over 600 pages long Fatwa on Terrorism. In a similar note, U.S. Muslim Religious Council Issued Fatwa Against Terrorism:

The sanctity of life in the Quran.

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