What is Right With Islam?

Thanksgiving everyday

Waking up in the morning, still half asleep, I walk to the restroom. It takes a while before the cold water gives way to warm water out of the faucet. First, I brush my teeth, then splash my face, wash my arms and feet as I perform my ablution (wudu) for prayer. I wipe off both my wet arms and my face. Adjacent to my bed is a prayer mat. I perform my morning prayers (Fajr) along with my son. My son starts getting ready to go to school. I hear my lovely wife turning the coffeemaker on and getting coffee ready for me before heading for the hospital.

I step out with my sweater on. It is a fresh new day with a soothing morning breeze. The sun will come up soon. Standing by the evergreens, a feeling of calmness and closeness to nature surrounds me. I feel an intense urge to thank the author who wrote the book of this universe, and it’s vitality. I feel thankful to Him for allowing me to share the beauty and the bliss of His universe. Then I realize that my belief gives me the most magnificent way to thank Him and be His thankful servant. https://qpeace.net/?p=1734

What is Right With Islam? It's The gratitude towards the Creator. qpeace.net

What is Right With Islam? It’s The gratitude towards the Creator

A servant? A thankful one? How does it help by being a thankful servant? Because when one serves, thankfully, serving becomes easy, beautiful, and enjoyable. The feeling of gratitude can add to our happiness, which a person without a feeling of gratitude is unlikely to realize. That brings us to the question, who is a thankful servant? http://www.truth-seeker.info/oasis-of-faith/prophet-muhammad-the-thankful-slave/

A thankful servant starts the day with a note of thanks to the Creator in the morning prayer: “All praises and gratitude belong to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds” (Quran 1:2). For a practicing Muslim, giving thanks to the Creator continues throughout the rest of the day, at least seventeen times, once with each obligatory prayer session and maybe many times more.

Expression of thanks is the most enjoyable form of communication. Scientific researches show that showing gratitude improves feelings of well-being. It helps us to be contented with what we have rather than focusing on what we lack. The belief that happiness comes when every physical and mental need is met is unreal. In fact, when we practice thanking our Creator, it becomes easier for us to express our gratitude to all His creations. Each time we thank someone, we enhance our spiritual well being.  Benefits of thanking: https://www.health.harvard.edu/healthbeat/giving-thanks-can-make-you-happier

The story of a thankful servant

Aisha reported that when Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) occupied himself in prayer, he observed such a (long) qiyam prayer that his feet were swollen. Aisha said: “Allah’s Messenger, you do this (despite the fact) that your earlier and later sins have been pardoned for you?” Thereupon, he said: “Aisha should I not prove myself to be a thankful servant (of Allah)?” (Muslim)

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