The Quran on the origin of Iron

The Quran on the origin of Iron

The Sun has a lesser share of Iron than the earth.

About 4.6 billion years ago, dense interstellar cloud gave birth to Sun. Then about 4.5 billion years ago, when the sun was still in a molten state, a molten fragment came out of the sun to give birth to our home planet earth. It is essential to realize that the sun does not have a high enough temperature to cause iron fusion in any significant amount. Consequently, the sun has an estimated 0.0037% of the iron in its mass. How is it possible that the earth has an amount of iron which is >35% of its total mass? How did it get this massive amount of iron, despite it was born out of the sun? The answer to the question is that the earth’s iron came from a distant Star after it’s violent death in the form of a supernova. The concept is consistent with the Quran on the origin of Iron in the earth.

Iron is A Gift from A Distant Star

The Quran: 57: 25 “…And we sent down iron, in it (there is) great strength and benefit to humanity…”

How is elemental iron formed?

The nucleus of elemental Iron is the most stable of any atomic nucleus. The fusion of atomic iron happens in the massive stars’ core near the end of their lives. At the end of a star’s life cycle, the massive stars collapse in a catastrophic explosion called a Supernova. Consequently, the exploding Supernova shoots iron in the form of radioactive nickel (Nickel-56) into space. Then, Nickel-56 decays into an iron isotope giving iron.

 "Kepler's supernova" was the last exploding supernova seen in our Milky Way galaxy.
Kepler’s supernova” was the last exploding supernova seen in our Milky Way galaxy.

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Nucleon binding energy by number of nucleons in the nucleus of a given atom

How did Iron come to the earth?

To sum up, 4.5 billion yrs ago, the infant earth received huge iron deliveries of iron via giant asteroids from a collapsed Supernova. Once the earth got the delivery, iron sank into the molten earth, making the core, the center of the earth. Surely, this finding is fascinating, as this iron from outer space made human life possible on this planet. The iron came down to the earth from outer space, and the Quranic verse from the chapter named “Iron” is in agreement with this.

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The chapter “Iron,” some amazing observations

1. The number of proton in Iron (Atomic number)

Observation #1: The atomic number of Fe (iron)is 26.

The chapter named the Iron (Al-Hadid) indicates that God has sent iron to the earth as a special delivery (“…And we sent down iron…”). If we count the verse number from Bismillah, which is the first verse of a Sura, 26 is the verse number where this element’s special delivery is mentioned. The atomic number (number of protons) of Fe is 26.

2. Number of neutrons in Iron

Observation#2: The number of neutrons in irons’ commonest isotope Fe-56 is 30.

If we include the opening verse “Bismillah,” the total verses in the chapter “the Iron” is 30.

3. The central location of the Iron core inside the earth

Observation #3: The massive iron core that creates the earth’s magnetic field occupies the planet earth’s center.

The Quran has 114 chapters. The chapter “The Iron” is the 57th chapter of the Quran and occupies the Quran’s center.

(Quran: 57: 25) …And we sent down iron, in it (there is) great strength and benefit to humankind.

4. Strength in Iron

Observation #4: Iron-56 has the most efficiently bound nucleus.

Iron has one of the strongest bond nuclei among all elements, only second to Nickel 62. As the Quran: 57: 25 mentions And we sent down iron, in it (there is) great strength and benefit to mankind.

” According to the binding energy per nucleon vs mass number graph, it is observed that iron-56 has the maximum value of binding energy per nucleon (8.75 MeV). It means that iron-56 is the most efficiently bound nucleus meaning that it has the least average mass per nucleon. This is the approximate basic reason why iron and nickel are very common metals in planetary cores since they are produced profusely as end products in supernovae and in the final stages of silicon burning in the stars. So, in one word, iron is quite stable.”

5. Some benefits of Iron

Observation #5: Without Iron, human life and civilization were impossible. As the Quran mentions, “…And we sent down iron, in it (there is) great strength and benefit to humanity.”

Iron is the stepping stone for human civilization: Indeed, Iron’s strength and chemical properties have made Iron one of the most important contributors in developing human civilization, innovations, and progress.

Iron is A Gift from A Distant Star.

Iron saves the planet from cosmic radiations: Because of the earth’s iron core, which provides a shield from the magnetic field around the planet, all life forms can save themselves from the cosmic radiation bursts from the sun.

Iron produces hemoglobin in the blood that carries oxygen-O2 to body tissues: The production of hemoglobin in our blood is vital to sustaining our life. It is essential to realize that human life would not be possible on earth without iron.

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Allah knows the best

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