Seeking the Truth

guidance is from Allah

Show us the way

In a world full of different paths and opinions, finding the right path is a confusing venture and the most challenging responsibility of life. We do not choose our parents, nor do we choose the religion we are born in. In other words, we are born in an environment that we do not handpick. Yet, our personality, behavior and beliefs are profoundly affected by the environment we grow up with. A seeker of truth appreciates these realities, uses his reasoning, and seeks the guidance to the truth from his Creator, with an earnest prayer: “Guide us to the straight path” (Quran 1:6).

The verse “Guide us to the straight path” (Quran 1:6) is recited by the Muslims at least seventeen times a day during their daily prayers. This verse is a reminder to them that they will always need God’s help in finding the clarity in the face of everyday ambiguity and confusion.

Prayer to find the right path is a universal prayer that resonates in the minds of humans of all time and of all spiritual standings. Muslims believe that God has created humans with innate admiration to good. A new born baby is pure and sinless. There is no concept of original sin in Islam. The Quran describes the human spiritual status when uncorrupted, as the “natural predisposition” (Fitrah).

Allah is the Source of Guidance

This is important to realize that in Islamic belief, guidance is from Allah, like any other provisions of life. By the same token, God has equipped human beings with intelligence, capacity to reason and free will to accept or reject God’s guidance. As part of worship, humans are to seek guidance from the Creator. Allah Guides an honest seeker of truth to the right direction. If humans are not honest about their search for truth, if they want simply to justify their inherited belief without using God given power to reason, Allah will let them proceed in their intended direction that will finally lead them to astray.

Seeking the Truth.

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