Earth’s Atmosphere is Protecting our life

Earth's Atmosphere is Protecting our life

While enjoying a nice crispy day with a blue sky, we get little idea about the harsh solar activities around us. The space around our planet earth can be quite hostile, though we may not feel or see those aggressive activities most of the time. The sky around us works as an invisible shield around the earth that counters these lethal activities and helps us live. The Earths’ atmosphere makes the Earth the only planet in the solar system to sustain life. 

“ We made the sky a  preserved and protected roof, yet they still turn away from our signs.” Quran: 21:32 slide 55
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The might of the magnetic field

The Earth’s magnetic field gives a protective blanket over the thin layer of the earth’s biology. Thus it prevents plasmablasts and the solar-energy particles from the sun from damaging and destroying the planet. In the absence of the magnetic field’s protection, massive solar radiation could make the earth a radiation autoclave making it uninhabitable.

The Plasma layer

A thin layer of plasma within the earth’s magnetic field protects us from the lethal doses of electrons from the outer space.

The Ozone layer

With the sunrise, radiation from the sun starts bathing our planet with lethal doses of ultraviolet rays. Despite the lethal dose of radiation, life in the earth survives because of a thin layer of ozone. In fact, the Ozone layer would make only a few mm thick if we spread it on the earth’s surface.

Making of a green-house planet

The atmosphere makes the earth a green-house planet. While the temperature in the outer space is bone-chilling cold, just a few degrees above absolute zero, our atmosphere provides us a blanket to keep the heat level under control, making the earth comfortable and livable for us. The atmosphere’s greenhouse effect also prevents the dangerous swings in the temperature, keeping us alive from freezing or getting fried.

High energy radiation blast

Our atmosphere protects us from the high energy particles, cosmic rays, gamma rays, X-rays, which can blast through the living cells damaging the DNA of living organisms.

“ We made the sky a  preserved and protected roof, yet they still turn away from our signs.” Quran: 21:32

The cushion for the shooting stars

The atmospheric cushion cremates the shooting meteors, meteoroids, and other approaching solar objects and protects this planet from a constant barrage of fiery collision and destruction.

It is understandable why we have to worry if the Ozone layer develops holes in it. Likewise, we have to be concerned about the greenhouse effect of burning fossil fuels causing global warming and resulting in devastating outcomes. We should also avoid too much exposure to the sun, causing cancerous changes to our skin cells. Our atmosphere covers us from all these harmful effects, like a protective roof over our heads. The Quran summarizes this in the following verse.

The Quran: 21:32, “We made the sky a preserved and protected roof, yet they still turn away from our signs.”

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