Does God Exist?

why do we belive God.

The amazing universe

Looking up at the night sky where two trillion galaxies and 700 sextillion stars reside, a little girl may ask, “How big is the sky? Where do the stars come from?” A ninety some years old wise man with faded eyes and dwindling memory may still be wondering, “what is the meaning of my life and the universe I am part of?” Trying to find the answers to these fundamental questions shape our beliefs and views about life and the world. That brings the most tantalizing question of the universe: Does God exist? Why do we believe in a higher power? Humans over the civilizations tried to answer these questions to find the meaning of their life and existence.

Is life a meaningless dream?

Our upbringing acts as the gravitational lens that sways our conclusion to the meaning of life, death and our spiritual feelings. Some people sleepwalk through the journey of life and tend to believe that the life and it’s organic qualities are just a meaningless dream. So they convince themselves that the end of the dream will be the end of their existence. They consider that life is a product of chance, without a planner, without a plan, just shrouded with nothingness. Consequently, their belief in nothingness places trillions of galaxies of the universe in the same box of meaninglessness. The well planned universe and it’s governing laws are seen by them just as a matter of an unwitting accident. To a reasoning believer, the consideration that laws of universe were developed by mere accident is itself a pure stretch of belief…. a numbing, blinding and unreasonable one.

Limitation of Intelligence

As intelligent human beings, we are aware of the limitations of our intellectual ability. We don’t understand dark energy, or dark matters. Yet, we conclude to belief them based on our scientific observation. Our intelligence helps us to make the distinction between blind faith and belief with reasoning. Choosing options based on a reasoned belief is a basic mechanism of human living. Feeling intellectually savvy and “scientific” by not believing in a creator is self deceiving. The disbelief in God itself is a belief, not a proof.

What did start the ball rolling?

We are, and the universe is in existence. We did not create ourselves, neither did we create the galaxies, the dark matters, the dark energies. The laws of nature are not our innovations either. Someone must have started the ball rolling for existence of matter, existence of energy and the development of the laws which govern those entities. Someone must have encoded the messages in our DNA, gave the electron, proton, neutron, positron their characteristics, which they follow with precision. If we really use our reasoning, we can see the logic why do we believe in a higher power: to explain the world and the rules in our existence using our capacity to reason.

No vision can comprehend Him, but He comprehends all visions

No human being can have a true visual or mental image of God. The material phenomena which make something observable are God’s creation, and God is beyond any created phenomena. He is beyond our ability to visualize (Quran 42:11). In the earthly dimensions, we experience the Divine presence through His attributes which are embedded within His creation. Time and space are among His creations. He created the concepts of a beginning and end of time and space. So, His existence is beyond these created concepts of the beginning and the end. He knows all the events of the past, the present and the future at the same instance. His Power is all enveloping. He was always there and He will always be.

Does God Exist? Why can't we see God?

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