Islamic Finder

Islamic finder

There are many authentic websites on Islam’s teachings and information on other essentials of daily Muslim living. Islamic finder includes links to some of the best websites at present in the English language.

1. Discover Islam, live life with reason and purpose: Along with many other contemporary issues, the site deals with comparative religion, how Islam affects human rights, women’s rights in Islam, and Quran’s consistency with science and how Muslims view terrorism.

2. Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research. One of the best sites for research-based writings on Islam.

3. Islam Tomorrow Home Site of Yusuf Estes. A very vibrant website by Yusuf Estes, a reverted Muslim and ex-Christian preacher.

4. IslamiCity: The Global Muslim e-community. This is one of the most informative Islamic websites.

5. Courses on Islam AlMaghrib institute

6. Multiple translations of the Quran on the same page



7. YouTube presentations on Islam

8. Scientific and numerical phenomenons described in the Quran


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9. Heart touching Quran recitation by Omar Hisham Al Arabi

10. Prayer times, Islamic calendar, Dua (supplications), and miscellaneous

11. Find a Halal restaurant

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