Science And The Existence of God

God is not a point of discussion in science

The relationship between science and the existence of God have been a matter of debate. Why do the energy, the matter, the dimensions, the time and the space exist? Is it not an absolute absence of everything is more likely state? This is not a question science is equipped to address. Science is a body of human information evolved from the observable and quantifiable aspects of nature. Science does not have a mechanism either to verify or nullify the concept of a Creator. Therefore the concept of God can not be a point of discussion for science.

Can Science and the existence of God be reconciled?

A scientist can dispute presence of a Creator because of his personal belief and preference. His disbelieve is not dependent on available data that disproves presence of God. A scientist who believes in God, may do so because of his observation of how nature is run by a precise sets of physical laws. The magnificence of a tangible world gives him the reason to believe a Magnificent planner who does not need to be tangible in our familiar dimensions of this universe.

The concept of God relates to our reasoning

God exists in the reasoning of human mind. His infinite Being is beyond the scientific measuring tools. He exhibits His attributes in the infinite beauty of nature and in the balanced design of the universe. Encrypted in DNA, God recorded His instructions for each cells of our body. As we know that, our organs will not work with their magnificent accuracy if there are slight variation in that DNA coding mechanism. Uniquely designed Rods and Cones inside our eyes make our colorful world visible. The Optic nerves from the back of our eyes communicate with the part of our brain that rests in complete darkness make us see the glimpse of light. Billions of automated myocardial cells in our heart muscle work in harmony to produce one single heart beat. These are the facts and the list of similar facts can continue.

God is Near

In our earthly dimensions we can only experience Divine’s presence through His works and creations. Our Creator is nearer to us than our Jugular vein and His merciful presence is everywhere. Yet, He is the most subtle.

The Quran 50:16 “And indeed We have created man, and We know whatever thoughts his inner self develops, and We are closer to him than (his) jugular vein.”

God is not Observable with human tools

God is beyond our vision and beyond our ability to make a mental image in our created minds. Our created mind is unable to discern a mental image of God. So, Any figurative or imaginary replica of God will not be true to His being. Yet, believing that He exists is as real for a believer as believing in his own existence.

Science and existence of God.

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